What we do 

Crossvale knows how to get you there faster.

We are a business processes consulting company with expertise in IT implementation and development. We provide complete integration, process optimization and intelligent business operation solutions to small, medium and fortune 500 institutions.

In simple terms, Crossvale Inc. does the following: 
  • Integrates a company’s applications, data, trading partners, organizations, systems
  • Measures a company’s processes & improves a company’s operational efficiency
  • Leverages a company’s mobile, social, big data and cloud opportunities
  • Maximizes a company’s existing IT infrastructure
Most importantly we provide the technology to do all this in real time, from a proven suite of products offered by award winning Software AG.
Throughout Crossvale.com you will find content that carries the Software AG logo

As a premier value added reseller for Software AG we provide expertise that allow you to implement a Software AG suite of products in your organization faster and with less stress than you will on your own.   

Why choose Crossvale

We choose to focus on our customers’ needs by providing:
  • a solution that does what it is supposed to do.
  • implementations that are done right the first time
  • someone that can educate them enough on the process to feel comfortable
  • someone that will not over educate them so they feel overwhelmed
  • a fair price for work being done
  • the right solution for their unique situation.
We have also found it is better to be really, really great at one thing rather than trying to offer a little of everything but not be an expert of anything.  Our customers value our dedication to making their Software AG implementation go smooth and appreciate our expertise, providing them with only the products that will give the best value for their unique situation.

Why we partner with Software AG

Software AG has a vast suite of enterprise software products that are award winning.  There are over 10,000 companies in 70 countries that count on Software AG products.  Their technologies are proven and innovative with a wide range of benefits for all organizations, from small to massive.  There are no other enterprise software product lines that offers the value you will find in the Software AG suite of products.






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